Touchscreen Conversion and Touchwindow Repairs

TouchWindow® Repairs and Conversions:
Please use the attached Repair and Conversion form if a TouchWindow needs:
  • Repair or Damaged  ($150)
  • Convert OLD version to NEW version of TouchWindow  ($175)
  • Convert from Serial to USB and visa-versa  ($175)
TouchWindow® Repair and Conversion Form: Date:
Bill To Company Name: Ship To Company:
Contact: Contact
Address: Address
City, State, Zip: City, State, Zip:
Phone #: Phone #:
EMail: EMail:
Method of Payment:
  [  ]  Purchase Order (include copy with shipment)  
  [  ]  Check (include with shipment)  Payable to Touch Screens Inc.  
  [  ]  Credit Card #                                                                                           Expires:
        Name on Card:                                                                                        CCIV#:

REPAIR:  (Cost $ 150. + $10 shipping)
What is the Problem?

(Cost $ 175. + $10 shipping)
Convert from ___________________________  to ________________________________
example:  from Serial to USB
example:  from Win98 version to Win XP


  1. Fill form out completely
  2. Send with Payment
  3. Send with Touch Window product
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