Cognitive Printer Parts and Accessories

Cognitive Printer Parts and Accessories

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115-006-02 Cognitive TPG 115-006-02 Serial Cable (6 Feet, Micro Connector, DB9F, ROHS) $25.39
470-064-01 Cognitive TPG 470-064-01 Adapter (3 Inch Core to 1 Inch Spindle) $2.42
470-055-01 Cognitive TPG 470-055-01 C Series Adapter (4 Inch, Core) $3.63
A141-0007 Cognitive Printer Cable, 3 Meters, 9-Pin Female Null Modem Cable For the A and B Series $13.78
K301 Cognitive TPG K301 Power Supply (55W, without Cord) for the A758, A760, A776, A794, A795 and B780 $39.24
K320 Cognitive TPG K320 Domestic Power Cord (for the A758, A760, A776, A794, A795 and B780) $8.12
K330 Cognitive TPG K330 Power Supply (55W and AC Cord) for the A758, A760, A776, A794, A795 and B780 $41.94
189-COG0047 Cognitive Printer Media Guide 1.125 Inch, Narrow $11.83
A799-K572 Cognitive TPG A799-K572 Spill Guard (Smoke Transparent, No Logo) $14.88
A799-K572-30 Cognitive TPG A799-K572-30 Spill Guard (30-Pack, Smoke Transparent, No Logo) $220.52
M320-K300 Cognitive TPG M320-K300 Li-ion Battery $60.66
M320-K330 Cognitive TPG M320-K330 Power Adapter/ US, JP $22.75
M320-K331 Cognitive TPG M320-K331 Power Adapter (EU) $22.75
M320-K332 Cognitive TPG M320-K332 Power Adapter (UK) $22.75
M320-K333 Cognitive TPG M320-K333 Vehicle Power Adapter $30.33
M320-K890 Cognitive TPG M320-K890 Charge Station (1 Cell - Power Adapter Not Included) $75.82
M320-K900 Cognitive TPG M320-K900 Belt Clip $7.58
M320-K970 Cognitive TPG M320-K970 IP54-Rated Environmental Case (with Shoulder Strap) $37.92
370-006-02 Cognitive TPG Printer Power Supply $46.76
360-009-02 Cognitive Printer Printhead (HEC, 2 Inch, 300 dpi, 3TBX5 6-CT, CXT2-1300) $118.38
K260 TPG K260 Wall Mount for A794/A795/A798/A799 Printers $17.58
10247702K TPG 10247702K Kit (Adjustable Media Tray, 2-In, BD, ADV, RoHS) $11.83
115-005-01 TPG 115-005-01 Cable (USB, Male 2.0, White) for the C Series/CRx and Advantage DLX $3.16
115-008-02 TPG 115-008-02 C Series Parallel Cable (6 Feet Long, Mini Connector DBM25M) $30.22
60-77-14-0076-01 TPG 60-77-14-0076-01 Wristband Tray (Supports 1 Inch Wide Label Roll) $13.27
60-77-14-0080-01 TPG 60-77-14-0080-01 Wristband Tray (Supports 3-4 in. Wide Label Roll) for the BD2 and BTS $12.69
60-90-88-0079 TPG 60-90-88-0079 Cable (RS-232, DB-9 to DB-9 PC-AT) for the Blazer and Blaster Printers $23.51
115-007-02 TPG 115-007-02 C Series Serial Adapter (6 Feet, 5VDC, Non-Null, Mini Connector) $13.30
189-1077857 TPG 189-1077857 Cable (3 Meters, 9-Pin Female Null Modem Cable) for A760, A776, A794, A795, A758 and B780 $23.00
60-100164-000A Cognitive TPG 60-100164-000A Printhead (Direct, 2 Inch, Adv LX KF2002-GD15B) $94.78
CTPG-K908 Cognitive TPG CTPG-K908 Media Guide (1.125 Inch, Narrow) $15.80
006-1030190 TPG 006-1030190 Power Supply (Switching 70 W, 24V DC, RoHS) for the DLX $54.40
189-9961428 TPG 189-9961428 Media Guide & Spindle Kit for 2in TT Blaster, Advantage & DLXi $9.48
CTPG-K10816A TPG CTPG-K10816A Cable, 24V, PoweredUSB, 1x8 12Ft, Dark Gray $31.77
60-17-00-0024 TPG 60-17-00-0024 Printhead (17-00, Replacement Printhead) for the Advantage LX $107.58
006-1071021 TPG 006-1071021 Accessory Printhead, ROHM, 2 IN KD $50.47
189-9961427 TPG 189-9961427 Spindle and Media Guide, 2 Inch Direct Thermal (LX2&DLXi) $9.48
CTPG-K907 TPG CTPG-K907 Media Guide, 1 Inch (Narrow) for 2 C Series $15.11


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