APG Cash Bases SMARTtill Cash Drawers


The SMARTtill technology is integrated within a Flip Lid drawer design.  It operates through integration with PoS and weighable coin and note compartments inside the drawer.   Available in versions 460mm, 490mm and 380mm wide, little or no furniture changes are required.  A High Security version is also available with an external hasp.

APG Cash Bases SMTFLIP-460 SMARTtill APG Cash Bases SMTFLIP-490 SMARTtill APG Cash Bases SMTFLIP-380 SMARTtill
SMTFLIP-460 SMTFLIP-490 (with hasp) SMTFLIP-380
8 coin & 4, 5 or 6 note capacity 8 coin & 4, 5 or 6 note capacity 8 coin & 4 note capacity


Slide Out versions with vertical note compartments are also available in two sizes, one with a standard width of 415mm and the other one with a smaller width of 330mm.  A version with layflat note compartments has been designed with a width of 446mm.
APG Cash Bases SMTSLIDE-330 SMARTtill APG Cash Bases SMTSLIDE-415 SMARTtill APG Cash Bases SMTSLIDE-446 SMARTtill
8 coin & 4 note capacity 8 coin & 4, 5 or 6 note capacity 5 coin & 5 note capacity


Achieve Simplified Cash Handling

The SMARTtill Solution is a new revolution in cash management, enabling retailers to reduce cash losses, reduce the cost of cash handling, and improve in-store productivity. The SMARTtill Solution is an innovative cash management system suitable wherever cash is transacted.

The SMARTtill Intelligent Cash Drawer captures, in real-time, all cash activity at its location and reconciles to sales made. This information is collected without affecting transaction time or interrupting the retail transaction. The SMARTtill Solution can be integrated with your POS hardware/POS application.

The data from the SMARTtill Units can be populated into any suitable database and used to support intelligent cash management to enable real-time cash visibility at the POS. This can be via new or existing back office systems. Examples of the type of information for each SMARTtill Unit, includes; current cash float value; change levels compared to an optimum level; change top up requirements; value of change added; various alerts for cash lifts; cash errors; and discrepancy data by transaction, shift, cashier, time and date.


Four Key Areas of Impact

 Operations  Loss Prevention Data Analytics Treasury
  • Eradicate manual cash till counts and reduce cash loss investigation time
  • Redeploy labor for an improved shopping experience
  • Full cash transaction audit trail
  • Ability to integrate CCTV to pinpoint discrepancies
  • Reduce cash losses by up to 90%
  • Security alerts on cash transaction errors, lifts, top ups, and CIT pick ups
  • Real time till value at the POS
  • Predictive analytics; cashier, lane and store performance data to drive business decisions
  • Reduce cash in transit (CIT) fees
  • Reinvest your ‘dead’ cash



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